Friday, June 17, 2011

Why do you want to lose weight?

Dropping the weight isn't as easy (and fast) as it was when I first started. I know it's just because I have less to lose, which is obviously good, but it is more of a struggle now.

Things in terms of losing weight are not bad right now, but they're not great. I feel like I'm kind of on an edge where I could go one way or another. I could continue losing weight until I get to my goal, or I could slowly start giving up and start gaining again. (Which I'm not going to do!!)

This is usually the time where the going gets hard and I would just start giving up. Or I would sabotage myself. Maybe that's what I did last week. Self-sabotage is such a huge thing that it would take a post all for itself, so I'll just leave it alone for now.

Right now I want to highlight all the reasons WHY I want to lose weight. If I know why I am doing this and why it's important to me, then that will make it easier mentally... since I always say the mental aspect is a huge part of the battle. So here goes...
  • To be healthy, get sick less, prevent bad health diseases
  • To be able to go for a walk, go up stairs, etc without getting out of breath
  • To be able to shop for clothes I actually like
  • To be able to wear sleeveless shirts again, dresses, shorts, swim suits, etc
  • To be able to wear a skirt and not have my thighs rub together
  • To be able to wear white clothes and not feel big
  • To be feel comfortable in my own skin and not feel insecure
  • To not feel like I am being held back from doing things bc of my weight
  • To be attractive, especially being single and dating
  • To get checked out by guys again and not feel like no one would ever find me attractive
  • To feel worthy of dating a cute guy rather than thinking someone attractive wouldn't want me
  • To look better naked and to feel sexy rather than insecure during.. you know
  • To feel confident in other aspects of my life, getting a job, making friends, etc
  • To not feel like the fat girl in a group of people
  • To not feel like people are looking at me or talking about me bc I'm overweight
  • To be able to just relax when I'm with friends and not constantly worry about how I look 
  • No muffin top or back fat
  • To look awesome at my wedding some day
  • To be pretty not just in a "you have a pretty face" kind of way
  • To feel like if I can lose 100 lbs, I can do anything
  • To feel normal, just like a normal, young, attractive girl
What are your reasons?


safire said...

Great list! I made a similar list when I needed to remind myself why I was doing this. Some of our list overlaps for sure!

Definitely in the beginning when weight loss is easy (even with slight cheats). It's after the new-ness wears off that you find yourself less motivated and less strict.

Good luck with everything.

Dawn said...

Oh Wow...I found myself starting to read the first couple of things on your list and saying to myself...and me!....and me!
and I stopped reading and headed to comments because I'm going to write MY list down too and when I have I'll come back and see where we are alike and where we differ. Its a brilliant idea....thanks for posting

Michele said...

I am doing it because, as some one who is older, if I don't I will suffer serious health risks. These will impact my family in ways that are not acceptable to me.

I love your list. I love the fact that you are working on your weight KNOW, vs later. Good for you. Keep looking at that list you made-print it and put in on your fridge. Check it out every day to remind you of what you are working so hard for, You are worth it. Stay strong!

Michelle said...

Thank you. I needed to read that right now. I am off to do my own list because the last couple of weeks I have been very close to giving up.

another *** diet girl said...

I agree 100% with all these things and would add:
Go on a blind date / ask a guy out (I know I won't magically get the confidence to do this, but at least I wouldn't be so self-conscious and think he'd be offended by being set up / asked out by a fat girl) & not worring about 'looking fat' in photos

Anonymous said...

I want to inner me who I love to fit the outer me!

Ann said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that list! For me, it's about living a healthy, active lifestyle. Being a runner. And preparing to have a healthy family someday. :) So I can be the best daughter, friend, wife, and mother because I take care of myself and put my health and wellness #1.