Monday, April 18, 2011

Me and Weight Watchers

I really like Weight Watchers because it works... isn't that their slogan? Anyway, I recommend it everyone wanting to lose weight because it's fairly easy. You can eat what you want and live normally. And it helps with portion control and knowing how much to eat in order to lose weight.

So far, I've just been doing it on my own rather than actually being a member. I've done it before, so I figured I know how it works and I can weigh myself weekly and be accountable to myself. Since I know the system, counting points is easier than counting calories. Plus it takes into account carbs, protein, fiber and fat instead of just calories, which makes it healthier.

But there's a couple things I don't really get with it...

For one, you get 49 weekly points to use on whatever you want to eat in the week. You can space them out or have one gigantic meal. I don't like this because I don't lose weight if I eat that many more points, or not as much anyway. I get that they want you to feel like you're free to cheat a little, which is the whole point (to feel like you're not on a "diet") but it doesn't maximize results for me.

The second thing is that you get activity points for exercising. But I also don't like this because I always feel like if I work out, I don't want to undo it by eating back the calories I just burned. So I never use these.

Writing down everything I eat has been helpful in being conscious of everything I eat, and forces me to plan and keeps me accountable. Especially at the beginning, I think it's important to write down what you eat because it's really a learning process.

I've been doing WW for maybe 7-8 months now. But honestly lately, I have gotten a little boring, been eating the same things, and am just focusing on eating healthy rather than getting all my points in for the day.

The last couple weeks, I actually haven't tracked my food and have found that I eat less than if I write it down and try to meet my daily points. I guess I am less concerned with food than I used to be. (Thank God!).

Right now I am feeling like it would just be better to eat low calories foods, and lots of veggies and lean protein (like chicken and fish). I think doing that would actually be a stricter diet than WW. I don't know. I think Weight Watchers and I might be taking a little hiatus here. I will still look up points values for foods I don't know just to be aware it, and I know I'll still mentally go over what I am eating during a day, but I might not track everything and try to meet the daily number. If it doesn't work, I can always go back to it.

I know a lot of you are doing WW, so what do you think? What do you like/ dislike about it?

Attitude of Gratitude: It gets easier! Losing weight is a struggle at first, but once you get focused and figure out what works for you, it really does get easier!


Gen said...

I think Weight Watchers is a really great way to learn about portion control and how much you should be eating each day. After a while it gets more intuitive. My mom lost 40lbs on Weight Watchers like 15 years ago and hasn't gained the weight back since, even after counting points. If you think you're ready to do the eating part on your own, it's really great! And like you said if it doesn't quite work at first, you can always go back to it!

C25K: I just finished the second workout of the first week... I feel pretty bad about not having kept up, but I'm doing the third workout tomorrow and the first workout of the second week after tomorrow. Then I'll be in New York for the long weekend so I won't be able to do it. So I'll be about a week behind! Also, I noticed today the workout was quite a bit easier than last time. It always feels good when you can actually notice the improvement!

J said...

I am doing weight watchers on my own also and I like it enough. I am using as a starting off point but I think eventually I will stop and try to eat less and eat more healthy foods. I don't want to obsess over points the rest of my life! :)

ThunderThighs said...

I love love LOVE the new weight watchers. I don't eat my activity or weekly points unless I can't help it. I also choose what I want to eat and THEN figure out the points, though, so I'm not eating the same thing everyday. I've always eaten a ton of fruits and veggies everyday, so I really like that they are all zero points now. I just like the ease of it because I have a general idea of the points for things and I don't have to worry about big numbers like calories, and I like to make sure that I eat all my points each day so my body doesn't go into fat reserve mode. I don't know - to each his own! Good luck with whatever you decide!

Brendalyn said...

I think WW is a great program for people who are just starting out. I did it years ago, and had success while I was on it. Now I am eating what I want, watching my portions, and counting calories. So far so good.

Missy said...

I cannot make myself do WW. When I feel restricted or have to "count", I end up bingeing. Good luck with it, though!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

I love WW - I understand where you are coming from and have found myself in the same spot before. I have tried other things but always end up back at WW. You have to do what works for you!

Diandra said...

The system I am sticking with is quite similar to WW - food has points based on nutritional value, and if you save points, you lose weight; in addition you can earn "power points" and either use them or save them.

I like this system because it gives me maximum freedom while showing me guidelines - and I have learned how to eat healthier along the way. It helps me plan indulgences (like the occasional pizza - all I have to do is be careful with the rest of the day and add in some exercise for the day) and get used to "normal" portions and eating intervals (to spread the points evenly over the day). I hardly ever use my "power points", but I like to see how much "extra" a certain amount of exercise adds to my day - I mean, it will help with maintaining once I am where I want to be, and I'd better get used to it right away. ^^

Modern Day Mom said...

I am a longtime WW member. I still follow the old points system, not the new points plus program, and I am doing it on my own, rather than paying for the support of the meetings. One thing I have learned with my experiences on WW is on the weeks that I don't lose much weight generally are the weeks in which my daily points were real low. I found that I have better weight loss results when I am eating closer to my daily points target. I'm with you on the extra points allowance each week. Its great to be allowed a bad day but I save those for special occassions and try very hard to not have to use them. I also don't use my activity points. If I put in the effort, I want the results =) Good luck with your changes.

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

I think it's a great way to learn what foods are nutritious and what foods are high in calories/fat. I think there's no "one size fits all" when it comes to a method of dieting/exercising, but WW is a great tool to get started.