Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's the ideal pace to lose weight?

Obviously the more weight you have to lose, the more weight you can lose per week. Like the contestants on The Biggest Loser who lose like, 30 lbs in their first week!

Awhile ago, I made a goal to myself to lose 10 lbs a month until I lose 100 lbs. Well that means I have to lose at least 2.5 lbs every week... which is kinda unrealistic, right? Maybe I can do it now, weighing just under 200, but once I get to 180, 170, etc, that might be unrealistic...

I don't know. On the other hand, just because it gets a little hard doesn't mean that it is impossible. I might just have to work out harder. Since I'm doing weight watchers, I'd just steadily stick to my daily points.

What's your opinion on how much you should lose and how fast? Do you think you should lose a certain percentage of weight a month?

I guess I don't really know my body well enough to put a concrete goal into place. If I work out and eat well consistently (staying in my WW points allotment), then whatever happens, happens. Some weeks I may lose 3 lbs and some less than 1 lb. But honestly, even as I say that, I'm thinking that that is kind of a lazy, take the easy way out, way to look at it.

I'm happy with how I'm losing, which is about 2 lbs a week when I'm on plan. But I know that won't last forever, and maybe I won't be as gung ho, so I am nervous I'll stay stuck at a certain weight or take forever to lose it. I know there are more NSV to look for and I'm more than just a number on the scale, but I really want to get the weight off. Like now. ;)

That's why I have to make good, solid, realistic, doable goals. This month, I'm going for 10.

Attitude of Gratitude: I have officially retired (and am going to donate to Goodwill) my size 16 jeans.


Hyla said...

Congratulations on the retirement of the jeans! Ive been kicking 10 pounds to the curb with weight watchers and im scared it will slow down. I think that just means when have to bring our A game!

safire said...

At my highest, I aimed for losing 2 lbs a week. It wouldn't be consistent 2 lbs per week though it would be maybe 2.5 here, 1.5 here, 3 here, 1 here :) since our body isn't a machine. I think aiming for 2 lbs is a good place to start.

At lower weights, it's harder to lose consistently 2 lbs per week I'm finding.

Devon said...

I have always thought that the 2 ish pace is good. Of course, like you said, some weeks it will be more, some less. You're doing great!!

Kelty said...

I'm all for a slow and steady pace. I think this gives me time to really adjust to the new lifestyle and make some mistakes along the way.

PLUS, I'm in the opinion that I want to give my skin as much time as possible to adjust to my weight loss. I mean the biggest loser contestants have bigger issues than loose skin...but they've all got some hanging stuff that I'm just not into. My skin might never totally bounce back, but I'm willing to give it the best shot I can. :D I don't think I'd feel comfortable losing more than 10 pounds in a month...but I shoot for about 8.

Diandra said...

Doctors agree that losing between 2-3kg per month is a safe pace and will help keep the weight off in the long run. However, usually in the beginning it works faster.

I'm losing realllllly slowly... usually 1-2kg (uhm, 2-5lbs?) per MONTH. Okay, I started out with 20kg to lose, which is not as much as some other people out in the bloggoverse are trying to get rid of, but still... some days it drives me nuts. (I've shed 10kg since last August.) I've noticed, however, if I put a certain goal ahead of me, I am almost 100% sure to miss it. Therefore I am aiming for "loose as much as possible" and left it at that. Working fine most weeks. ^^

In the long run, I guess you won't be able to keep up with losing this fast, but that's natural. Once all the water is gone and your metabolism has adjusted to your new lifestyle... - but you'll get healthier all the time. Just don't let any plateau or setback throw you off track.

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

As long as you set a realistic goal you'll be fine. 10 lbs. a month for me is not realistic- I am a very slow loser. But it's important not to set yourself up for failure. If 10 lbs is realistic for you- GO FOR IT! :)

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

I think aiming for 2lbs/week is the healthiest way to do it. You have the best chance of keeping the weight off. If you lose too much too fast you will most likely put it back on. Good luck!!

Ellie said...

2lbs a week sounds very do able, however I have noticed for myself i have only been reaching about 5lb a month which stinks. Maybe a good goal would be to see your "average" weight loss and shoot for a number 2 or 3 lbs higher =)

Maria said...

I believe that health officials say 2 lbs a month is the safest amount to lose, to make sure you're losing fat and not muscle. Although the heavier you are, the more you can lose in the beginning stages.

Also, I think the best thing is to listen to your body. Everyone loses weight at a different pace, everyone's body has times where it just wants to hold on to its fat.

I don't set a timeframe for losing weight, I just set up rewards for myself when I lose certain amounts, 25, 50, 75, etc. In my head I will wish to lose 10 lbs in a month, but I know my body might not be in the mood!

Brendalyn said...

I'm curious what guideline WW gives you? I know years ago they said 2.5 I think, but that was like 30 years ago.
Personally I try to focus on making sure I am doing everything right. Water, exercise, portion control and sleep. If I am doing all this right I know that even if I'm not losing for awhile eventually it will start again.
I have to admit that I also would love to lose 10 lbs per month, and would get discouraged when it was just 5. Then I did the math... 5 lbs, 12 months, 60 lbs. That is huge, and I wouldn't be killing myself doing it. I decided I would be happy with it, because after all it is better than nothing, or God forbit gaining 5lbs per month for a yearly total of 60 lbs!!

Jan said...

Good, solid, realistic goals are smart to have. It's great to shoot for high, but if they truly are unrealistic goals, I think we end up feeling like failures when we don't reach those unrealistic goals (even when they're unrealistic). Finding something reasonable, yet somewhat high (like 2 pounds a week) is the perfect goal (sometimes you'll go higher, sometimes you'll be on track, and sometimes you might go under that goal). Either way, it's realistic with a little push. Perfect! :)