Thursday, April 7, 2011

Results don't come for free

Results don't come for free. ~ Jillian Michaels

I love this quote. So true. If we want results, we have to put in the work.

Today, I felt extra motivated, so I did the Biggest Loser bootcamp DVD for 25 minutes and then 90 minutes on the elliptical. It felt good. I think I will start kicking it up a notch on the days where I am able to. If I have the time, why not work out extra hard?

<-- I think I will trust anything this woman says. Her body is killer.

Also I think I am going to start lifting weights every other day to work on my arms, I kind of like to do it just when I watch TV. I don't count reps or anything, I just go until I can't anymore, and do different exercises.

I should start doing crunches too. I haven't so far because I have just been focusing on cardio and I have felt like the #1 priority is to get the fat off my stomach and then get to working on the muscles, but what can it hurt to throw crunches into the routine?

Attitude of Gratitude: I'm grateful that right now, I even have the time to workout longer if I want to. I better make the most of it!


Dawn said...

I'm sure this sort of muscle workout is really really good....keeps the muscle tone and negates as much as we can the loose skin issues. Its GOT to be the right thing to do.
As for the way she looks....I think I would need a genie in a lamp to put in an appearance to get anywhere near that! Still...aim for the skies...why not!

safire said...

My sister does some of Jillian's workouts and she says it's KILLER! Good for you for being so motivated at the gym!

Have a great Thursday!

inner_skinny_bitch said...

I started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred last night and it's crazy! I definitely recommend it though!

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

I love Jillian!! She is the best and knows what she's talking about.

Duckys said...

Oh its so true your quote!!! Thanks for the reminder, I am in big need of those right now. Keep up your great work :)

Thin Lizzy said...

I agree that strength training combined with cardio is the most effective for weight loss. Muscles burn calories. If you build muscle, you will burn more calories.

I use the circuit machines at my gym. I really like them. Only takes 20-25 minutes to do a full body workout.

Kristen said...

wow 90 minutes on the elliptical? that amazing.

Ann said...

Sounds like you have a GREAT plan!!!

Devon said...

I love Jillian...she is amazing. And man, what a good workout! That would have killed me, sadly. Ha. Ah well. Keep going!

Gen said...

BL bootcamp, I'm impressed! You should definitely do weight training if you're interested in it! It might seem like cardio is the only thing that will get the fat off, but building muscle will help you lose more fat faster, and the muscle that will replace it will make your body more toned. I've always heard the best way to lose weight is to do both at the same time!
Also, I'm starting C25K this week, want to shoot me an email? gensblogs (at) gmail

Dani - tkdchick said...

Gosh what I would give to have my ass whipped by Jillian. She truly is an inspiration as she used to be overweight herself and look what she's done and how many people she's helped!

I have crunches as part of my daily get ready in the morning routine. I do 50 crunches then 30 obliques each side and about 15 real push ups. Real push ups were a huge accomplishment for me I used to always do them on my knees.

I used to always kid that I had great abs... under all that fat.

Ellie said...

She really does have an amazing body, she always says she used to be fat when she was a kid but I just can't believe it.