Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A.M.A.P. Goals

AMAP = As Much As Possible. I think instead of giving myself a random number for what I want to lose each month, I think I will have a goal of AMAP because I don't really know how much my body can lose on a weekly basis as I continue to go down.

Since I am in the 180's, maybe seeing a 2lb a week loss is not realistic. So if that's not realistic, neither is losing 10 lbs in a month anymore.

I wanted to lose 10 lbs this month, but that's not going to happen. And I haven't been eating unhealthy (other than some cake), still been working out. So as long as I am still working hard and trying every day to do what I can to lose weight, I'm going to be happy even if the weight comes off slower.

My goals are just to eat healthy, and work out every day that I can. And improve during my workouts. I think that is important- to keep pushing myself during workouts, getting my heart rate up, burning as many calories as I can. And of course, all of this will obviously translate into losing weight.

Moral of the story... "Go in there an do the best you can. That's all you can do." -Tiger Woods (not that I am a fan of his at all... he lost me with the Elin thing)

Attitude of Gratitude: I'm starting to have a "whatever will be, will be" kind of attitude in general these days, which is good. Better than stressing.


Anonymous said...

I think the AMAP goals are a good idea. Just eat less and move more right ?!

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

You still doing dukan diet?? it shound't be a goal to eat healthy, it should be like taking a shower, something you do everyday lol... your diet should have the right mix of proteins, carbs, fats and water... avoid processed foods, when you go to the grocery store nothing should come from the frozen or can isle..

Good luck..


Kelty said...

I love that you're focusing on living healthy and challenging yourself in you're workouts. If you keep doing those two things you can know that the changes will happen eventually!

Diandra said...

Very good idea indeed. Prevents setting yourself up for "numeric failure". ^^

Waisting Time said...

So how about not even having a goal about losing? Just throwing it out there. What you write about eating healthy and working out are things you can control. The scale... nope.

Dawn said...

I agree ...working to a weekly set of 'numbers' is fine if you reach them but hard when you don't and there are sooo many reasons other than success eating less and moving more that cause fluctuations in those numbers. I see so many 'challenges' on blogs ..you know where you join in trying harder for a few weeks and I see no point in joining as I'm trying hard all the time. You just have to keep on going as you are.180s is fabulous I cannot even imagine what 180s must feel like...you are doing brilliantly.

Ellie said...

You are right, that as you get smaller it will get harder and harder to make huge losses. As much as possible is a great goal because it won't discourage you when your body doesn't give up as much weight as you wanted. At 170-150 I have been working very hard and only losing 4-5 lbs a month (on a good month). You are making a good step trying to be content with whatever loss you make.