Monday, May 16, 2011

I must confess

I have definitely had a bad eating weekend. I was ok Saturday, but did have cake, a couple drinks and sweet potato fries at a restaurant. On Sunday, I don't even know; I had candy, cake, chicken alfredo. And then today I had a bagel and cream cheese, a big bacon cheeseburger and fries, and ice cream. (I ate more than all that, but just picked out the bad foods to illustrate just how poorly I ate :))

I know I said I was pressured to eat cake, which I did feel, but everything else was all me! I could have ordered healthy things at restaurants but chose not to.

Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. Stupid!

Tomorrow I am back on the wagon. I had my little meltdown food splurge, felt guilty (and maybe a little happy somewhere in there too) and am now going back to being good. Why is it that one little bad food choice can cause a downward spiral of bad food choices?

I haven't stepped on the scale since my weigh in, so tomorrow's # might not make me very happy. Maybe I won't weigh myself until next Sunday weigh day....  I actually think that is a really good idea. Because I'm sure it won't be pretty and I don't want it to make me upset at myself to the point where I might say 'screw it' and eat bad the rest of the week. It'll be a struggle not to weigh myself but maybe this week will be my test week of doing that. (The last 2 weeks of weighing myself daily have made me nuts anyway.)

Attitude of Gratitude: It was a really good weekend with the family!


Kelty said...

Yeah, my eating sucked this weekend too! blah! I'm still going to weigh in tomorrow, but bad weigh ins tend to motivate me rather than do the opposite. If yours will just upset you then maybe it is a good idea to wait.

Diandra said...

Ah, know that. Nothing like two bad food choices in a row to pave the road to fat hell. Struggled with that since last Thursday, but yesterday was good and today will, hopefully, be even better. Decided to stay off the scale till the weekend, as well.

downsizers said...

Our "all or nothing" mindset is certainly something we need to be mindful of. One piece of cake wouldn't have caused a blip on the radar screen but all the rest will. We eat something we have labeled "bad" and then punish ourselves with all the rest. Food is not good or bad; it's just food. When will we learn? I have done the same thing you just described so many times but I can say I am better than I used to be and am not so bad about using it as an excuse to continue in self-destructive choices anymore. I am not going to blame the food, blame others, blame whatever I can find anymore. I wanted the eating more than I wanted to reach my goal. It does give us something to talk about doesn't it? I get mad at myself for letting this happen again. It's a cycle I must break. At this point we can plan how to prevent this cycle from continuing and be ready because this will happen again and again and again otherwise. We get on our blogs and confess then people try to help and encourage then we have a period of success and then it happens again. I say let's be ready and head this off at the pass!!

Ann said...

Think about your goals and whether or not those choices are helping you reach your goals. You got this!!!

safire said...

Great job for coming clean! Today is a new day. I wasn't good this weekend either but the important thing is we're still here and trying!

Dawn said...

Thats partly why I stay off the scales permanently....if I saw news I didn't want to see....i might just open the fridge and cram it all in. I don't weigh so the numbers can't play with my head.
Stupid ...but thats where I'm at.

Anonymous said...

There must be something in the air, my eating has been pretty bad lately! Don't let a setback discourage you and get in the way of all the progress you've made and will continue to make :)