Sunday, May 29, 2011

NSV: Eating healthy when out & about

This has been such a fun weekend. I spent the weekend with a group of old friends from college who I hadn't seen in years and it was so much fun. We basically just picked up where we left off. It was so nice to be able to do that.

But we did go out for pretty much every meal and went to a bar. I was very good tho, ordering healthy and eating in moderation. Yay me. It didn't even bothered me to do it. I really do feel like I'm at a point where it's just a lifestyle change rather than a diet. I don't write down what I eat or count calories; I just eat well.

It was kind of funny/ ironic because one of my friends has always been overweight. I've always seen her just be the same size. But all weekend, she was talking about how she is usually on a diet and doesn't eat carbs and that this weekend was her free weekend to eat whatever she wanted. But she ordered mac n cheese, pasta meals, ate lots of pizza, breadsticks, cinnasticks, and drank lots of soda.

I'm not judging because I've done the same thing before, like my birthday weekend, but it just made me think about how I have come a long way. I don't talk about my diet with people (other than you guys and my family because I live with them), I just do what I need to do.

So this weekend, I watched what I ate, but never said anything about it. I just ordered salads or fish and veggies or when we had pizza, I just had 2 slices and a breadstick. When one friend made chocolate chip muffins, I had one. I had a couple glasses of wine. Everything in moderation, no big deal.

Attitude of Gratitude: I'm grateful to have made such great friends and still keep in touch with them.

*Sunday is usually my WI day, but since I usually weigh myself in the morning and didn't get a chance to today, I will do it tomorrow morning. I think it's going to be a good one so check back tomorrow!


Jodie said...

I too am seeing a change in my attitude about weight loss when I'm not talking about it but just doing it! I work out every day and eat healthy but I don't tell every person in the world I'm trying to lose weight. Some times the less attention we get the better! I'm a new follower to your blog! I love it! You've done a great job with the loss so far! I'd love you to check me out too at

Melinda said...

That is a huge NSV! I have family coming into town in a couple of weeks and this is something that causes me trouble....we'll see how it goes this time!

Bonnie said...

Great NSV!!!!!......everything in moderation for sure!!!!