Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

ThunderThighs (love the name!) gave me a Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks!
The rules:
1. Post a link back to the person who gave it to me. (Just Call Me Thunder Thighs)
2. Give it to other blogs that I L.O.V.E. and stop by their blogs to let them know (they are in no particular order BTW, and if you click on them you'll be taken away to their wonderful blogs)
3. Tell 7 things about yourself.

The bloggers I would like to pass the award on to are...
Ok, so here goes. 7 things about me...
  1. I love music and will listen to pretty much anything if it has good lyrics, even embarrassing teeny bopper stuff. (I really like Miley Cyrus' latest album)
  2. I have thick wavy hair, but always straighten it. Unless I am having a lazy, do-nothing day and then I love to just put it up in a bun or ponytail.
  3. I love reality shows. If I could only watch on genre of TV, it would be reality. I'm a sucker for Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Bethenny Frankel, you name it.
  4. I prefer to spend my money on experiences rather than things.
  5. I have been on and off with the same guy for over 8 years now, and even now that we are off and I have been feeling like it is completely over, a part of me still wonders if we are meant to be, especially since he seems to think so. I'm very conflicted about it.
  6. I love blogging but feel like I run out of things to talk about and worry that my blog might get boring.
  7. Speaking of boring, I am the most boring shoe person ever. When I'm not forced to wear heels and such because of a job, I wear flip flops, uggs, or sneakers. That's it.


Bonnie said...

Awesome!!!!!!.....Congrats on your stylish blog!!!

Jodie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I added you to my follow list! So far the C25K isnt so bad. I'm sure I'll blog tomorrow about jogging 3 minutes in a row!

Dawn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog..thanks for the nominations x x you are anything but boring, I love the fact I know about your life as well as your diet....please dont stop blogging

Devon said...

Hey, thank you!!! I am flattered!! I like your blog ar so introspective and that has inspired me a lot. And I too LOVE reality TV. I am huge housewives fan!

xx Lany xx said...

Flip flops, uggs and sneakers ROCK! I choose comfort over style :D

Spoonful of Me said...

Thank you for gving it to me, I plan on posting about it but I am working a netbook, so as soon as I get my laptop back I will post about it.

I love your blog and wish I lived near you because your gym sounds awesome.