Thursday, May 19, 2011

Harder going these days

Getting back on track after being off for a little bit is hard. It feels like work. Before, it felt normal and no big deal. Now it is so blaaah.

First, how the hell did I ever do the elliptical for 90 minutes??? How? Last week, I did it only for 30 mins every day, and took 2 days off. So now getting back on the elliptical is really bleh. It has been hard doing 45 minutes. It seems like I just count the minutes and can't get into a groove like I usually do.

And then with eating, I am still being good, but want to cheat and eat munchies way more than before.

This month has been so challenging in terms of staying on course. I don't know why this is. Maybe because I am getting lower and it's not coming off as easily.

Yesterday, I just wanted to eat all day. It was the first day of TOM, so maybe that was why. I stayed within my points, but still felt like I just craved carbs all day. I am not falling off the wagon or going to give up, but it just feels like harder work than usual these days. Let's hope it passes.

Attitude of Gratitude: I have been talking with my ex boyfriend and I don't know, but maybe things are looking up. Can on again off and again relationships ever work?


Christie said...

Hang in there.....I feel the same way. I have totally blown this month!! You can do it though

Dawn said...

I can really relate to this...sometimes things are going well and it all seems easy and other times it feels harder than hard. WHat matters is that you keep on going and you make it clear here you really won't quit ...good for you.
Can on off relationships ever be on again? Yes absolutely they can be. Followed by off again unless something has changed. Maybe it has and if so, trust your own judgement
Take Care

Missy said...

I can totally relate to this. I used to do the elliptical endlessly. Now? I can't stomach the thought of hopping on for even 5 minutes. Hang in there! Maybe we can do it together :)

Lisa Mancini said...

Maybe just this time of year. I'm with ya on the whole eating thing. It's hard for me too after being off-track for any length of time.

downsizers said...

Maybe you could try some new recipes and/or exercise differently? Perhaps you are just tired of the same ole same ole. I used to fall in such a rut. Some variety may be what will help you enjoy the journey again.

Anonymous said...

I've been seriously lacking any motivation lately as well, I don't know what's going on, but I need for it to end soon! Keep going though, don't give up! You've made so much progress and I'm sure you can accomplish so much more :)

As for the relationship thing, I am by no means an expert and I obviously don't really know you, him, your situation together or your history together, but I would caution to stay away anyway. Relationships usually end for a reason, and (in my experience) a good reason at that. There are so many people out there, do you really want to spend your time and energy on someone that didn't work? I think the fact that you yourself are questioning whether or not you should is a sign that somewhere you know it's better not to go there.

I'm not trying to sound mean or anything. Obviously it's your decision. If you choose to give it another try, I'd just say keep your eyes open. You deserve to have an amazing relationship and anything less is unworthy of you :)

Diandra said...

Do you have anything to distract you on the elliptical - watching TV, listening to music or an audiobook? (I watch documentaries during strength training - running outside provides me with all the distraction I need, plus I can't just stop once I'm 5km from home, I have to get back anyway. *g*)

Yes, the lower you get, the more your journey slows down, but that's not bad at all. Your body needs time to adjust. You'll still become healthier all the time.

Diandra said...

Oh, and for that relationship stuff - everybody deserves a second chance. Not a third or fourth. ^^