Friday, May 13, 2011

Dukan Diet (Days 1 & 2 & there isn't going to be a 3)

I've done the Dukan Diet for the last two days and I am happy to say that I am down 2 lbs since I started!

It hasn't been too bad. But just the act of telling yourself you can't have something, in my case, makes me want it. The first day, I wanted a rice cake so bad. (Seriously craving a rice cake, and can't have it?) And also pudding with whipped cream, which I have all the time and truly miss. I also miss vegetables and fruit.

So here's the run down. Wednesday, I ate:
  Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with ham
  Lunch: Tuna and hard boiled egg
  Snack: rolled up deli turkey with Grey Poupon
  Snack: Hard boiled egg
  Dinner: Pork chop
  Dessert: Jello

  Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with ham
  Lunch: Chicken with Grey Poupon
  Snack: Jello
  Snack: Hard boiled egg and turkey
  Dinner: Plain old burger with seasoning and mustard (2)

There's really not much to snack on, as you can see. Eggs would get old after awhile.

So far today, I've eaten all protein, with the exception of a rice cake and pudding. Haha, I just had to.

Dukan diet over. Eating healthy normal diet, still kickin. Altho it's good to know if I hit a plateau or want a for sure loss, an all protein diet is sure to do the trick!
Attitude of Gratitude: Blogger is back. I was sad without it yesterday!


Anonymous said...

That's great that you lost 2 pounds! I think the worst part of a plateau (or even just fearing a plateau) is the mental aspect. I'm sure losing those 2 pounds will help soo much mentally :)

LaraG said...

Yuck, that diet sounds terrible! I couldn't live on eggs and pork alone. That being said, yay for the 2lbs loss!

Ellie said...

Interesting. It does seem like a decent idea to push though a plateau (I will have to keep that in my back pocket) but I just can't see that diet being very sustainable due to the lack of veggies.

I currently don't eat rice, pasta, bread, sugar or fruits, and thats alright, but I wish I could put fruits back. I miss them.

Dawn said...

I have tried similar diets in the past and really cant live like that...but like you I'm thinking that I WILL use these plans for short term changes...I think once at goal I might slip into something like this to hit any fluctuations. For short term use, I'm with you....its a good idea

Brendalyn said...

Glad to hear about the 2 lbs weight loss, but even happier to hear you won't be keeping on with the plan. I think a day or 2 like you did is fine, but I would worry about your overall health if you went longer.