Monday, May 2, 2011

April - 11.7 lbs lost

Last month (at 198.0), I said that my goal for April was to lose 10 lbs. Instead I lost 11.7! I am 186.3. Very proud of myself!

This was a very good workout month. I worked out 28 days out of 30. My mentality has been that if I don't have a concrete reason not to or some real time constraint, then I do it. Just gotta do it.
These little stickers kinda help because I'm like a first grader - I feel better when I get a sticker.
Also my eating was good this month. I stayed on track pretty much every day I think. In general, I have been giving food less thought. I don't write my food or track it anymore, sometimes I count it up in my head, but I just try to eat healthy and stay away from carbs and processed foods. (Of course there are also those days when it's a pain.)

My goal for May is to lose 10 lbs again. I'd say 8 just to be safe, but why be safe? Having another 10 lb goal will push me to keep working hard. I'll be happy with 8, but still going for 10. I'm worried a plateau might be coming honestly. But I will work out every day that I can, still do the C25k thing, and eat healthy. So I'll say it; by June 1st, I will be 176.3 or lower. Hopefully.

Attitude of Gratitude: Osama Bin Laden was killed by our troops! Proud to be an American!


Kelty said...

11.7 pounds! You are a rockstar!!! Congratulations! I'm sure May will be just as successful!

Anonymous said...

Hard work pays off. I'm so happy for you and hope to follow your footsteps towards a healthier me. Kudos! :-)

Anonymous said...

11.7 pounds is awesome in itself, but exceeding your goal makes it that much better! :) I am in awe of your working out 28/30 days; my biggest problem is my complete lack of actually working out.

Amy @ Findingfitme said...

Fantastic job all around.

Keep up the awesome work, you will do it again.

ThunderThighs said...

WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!! 11.7 pounds is AMAZING!! Great job!! And I LOVE your sticker idea actually. It is a really great visual for achievement and I find that kind of thing keeps me motivated (and you must as well). Keep at it!!!

Size16isFat said...

You're so inspiring to me because I'm at a similar place...I hope I can be as successful as you this month!

Kristen said...

Thats so great!!!

Brendalyn said...

Great job on the weight loss!! Keep it up, you will be at your goal in no time!
I wrote on my blog, (that I hope to get back to very soon) about stickers as well. I used stickers everyday to track my morning workouts, if I ate properly that day, and if I managed to get any extra activity. Oh how I loved seeing those stickers all lined