Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pain and drama

Why do guys have to play games?
Why do relationship issues suck so much?
Why am I feeling so bad now?
Why am I right back where I started when for months I thought I was over it?
Why do I still want him so much?
Why did he go on and on about how he wanted me and then the second I start thinking maybe it's a good idea, he starts having doubts?
Why can't I stop staring at my phone?
Why does this hurt so much?!

Sorry, but I literally can't think of anything other than this crap.

Attitude of Gratitude: This is hard right now. Maybe I will use the power of positive thinking (a la The Secret) and say wishfully, I am grateful that this guy wants me just as much as I want him and we are going to be together happily ever after.


Dawn said...

I know how hurt this feels. Why are we strong, determined and realistic women professionally and with a man, can turn into someone we don't recognise? It won't help to say I've been there too, but you're not alone. We go back because we believe in love and we believe in hope and we believe when people we love say things to us that they mean it. When you meet the person who is right for you, having been somewhere that isn't helps us to recognise what's right. It doesn't do diddly about the hurt though. Stay strong and be kind to yourself

downsizers said...

Someone who really cares about you will want what's best for you. YOU be that person. Understanding men is very difficult. I got a cute email once that was headed "How to Please a Woman" and there was this long list of things like:

buy her flowers
take her to the movies
get jewelry for her
tell her she is beautiful
buy her perfume
send her candy
fix her car

and on and on then it was "How to Please a Man" and there were two items on the list:

show up naked
bring food

It was really funny but there is some truth in there. Thought I would give you a chuckle that might help some.

Ann said...

What's meant to be, will be. :)

Thin Lizzy said...

sorry you are feeling low :(

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

so sorry you're feeling down... just remember when you're at a low, there's no where to go but up!!

Kelly said...

HOpe things get better soon.

Kelty said...

Boys are tricky like that. I hope it all works out!