Friday, May 13, 2011

Diet good enough for a princess

*For some reason, when Blogger went unavailable is deleted this post, along with the comments, so I'm just posting it again...*

My sister has been talking recently about The Dukan Diet, which is apparently what Kate Middleton and her family did to lose weight before the big wedding. It hasn't been confirmed, but they say it's all the buzz over in Europe. Dawn, you're my Europe gal; have you heard of this?

It is REALLY strict! You eat only protein for a designated amount of days (depending on your weight and goals). For me, this would be 5 days. Then, you eat only protein and vegetables for the second phase. For me, this would be 136 days. What??!?! Four months of no carbs or fruit!? No wonder you lose weight.

I bet this diet is more for people with less weight to lose. It doesn't seem like a good long-term way to eat. My sister, who is already thin, would do phase 1 for 2 days and phase 2 for 45 days. Sounds a little different than my numbers huh?

Well, my sister is going to do it for a few days, so I think I will too for moral support and to get myself over this little plateau (of the scale being stuck at 187).

*I know diets don't work, and this is definitely not going to be a long term thing. Doing this diet long term is nutso. I am just curious what it will do to change up the routine.

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