Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Remember how I said I was doing the Dukan Diet for a few days because my sister was going to do it? Well now after graduating, she is back home and was (or is, I'm not sure) planning on doing the Dukan Diet again (zero carbs).

Well, the first day home, my dad went grocery shopping and came back with Cheetos. My sister made some comments about how that was mean of him to buy those foods since he should know she can't eat them. And then later in the day, he was eating them and offered some to her, and she gave him such a dirty look and said no in a really shitty way. Because obviously she is bitter that he is eating the foods she wants to eat but can't (or has told herself she wasn't going to).

I just find this so funny and ironic, because she is so much worse! It's been better lately, but when I am dieting, she goes on and on about good foods and eats all day long, whatever fatty junk food she wants. And inserts all the oohs and ahhs and yums to let me know how good it is. I have moved past it, but in the beginning, when I was first losing weight and still had so many cravings, it was a huge problem for me! So much so that I felt like she was trying to sabotage me and I didn't look forward to being around her.

But now she is getting to see how much it can affect you. Not that she will put the two together, I'm sure. But about 5 minutes after the Cheetos incident, she was looking for something to eat, and then said how there's no point doing this diet since this weekend is her birthday and she will just be eating bad then. And then got out chips and dip. And later had an ice cream sandwich. And then made potatoes with cheese melted on top.

So maybe she'll go back on the diet after this weekend, who knows. Frankly, she doesn't need to lose weight at all, and if I had her metabolism, I wouldn't diet either. I have to admit tho, that I enjoyed seeing her on the other side of it for a minute.

Attitude of Gratitude: I put on an old pair of sweats that used to be snug or fitted and they are mega loose now, all droopy in the legs and butt. Nice.


Ellie said...

I find one of the most difficult things for me maintaining a healthy lifestyle is that my boyfriend doesn't maintain the same eating habits. While I load my plate with salad and veggies, he would rather load up with bread, and chips. He also loads up on snacks and icecream at the store, and for the most part I stay away from them, but its really difficult on a weak day to open the pantry and see cookies and snacks, when I know I shouldn't even be looking at them.

I guess its just a true test of will power.

It's funny that she got a taste of her own medicine. Maybe next time she does it to you, you can remind her how she felt then.

Joy said...

People can be quite unpretty when they are going through carb/sugar/fat withdrawal, lol. Lord knows I have caught myself being bitchy when I'm on the first few days of being back on plan, hee hee. Maybe a gentle reminder to her about this little experience the next time she does it to you will set her straight? ;) All the best to you!!

safire said...

My sister has been thin her entire life so I'm always interested in watching what she eats. :)

Kelty said...

that's pretty funny! I remember your posts about her disregarding your diet, it's pretty funny to see her go through it too!

Maria said...

I have the same trouble with my parents eating things in front of me. I came home last night to Mom sucking on a chocolate milkshake. They had McD's for dinner. I asked Dad if I could smell his breath - yup the diet is getting to me!

Brendalyn said...

I also remember when your sister was making things difficult for you and not respecting your desire to eat in a more healthful way. I would suggest a gentle reminder of how she was feeling about the cheetos, however I wouldnt be surprised if she only became angry.
Good for you, and what a testiment to your will power and character that you hung in there and carried on in spite of the disrespect from your sister.